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We help with…

  • Aches & Pain
  • Car Accident Injuries
  • Work Injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Certified Hand Therapy
  • Custom Splinting

Highlighted Services

Neck Pain Relief

So, how do you find relief from your neck pain? To answer this question, we must understand why the neck hurts in the first place. The process starts with a comprehensive evaluation from a skilled Physical Therapist. Through this evaluation, you will understand why you have neck pain and a plan is developed to treat the problem.

  • Headache, Neck Pain, Lack of Motion, Stiff Neck
  • Posture-Related Neck Pain
  • Trauma from a Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Age-Related Arthritis
  • Disc Problems

Hands-on-Techniques, such as massage, neck adjustment and joint mobilization may be used. Other techniques such as exercise stabilization or motor control stability may be a better course of treatment. Call right now to get evaluated by a skilled Physical Therapist at SportsCare Clackamas (503) 794-0103

Same Day Splint Service: Treatment Performed by Certified Hand Therapist

Wrist, thumb or finger pain is a common problem after an injury. People often turn to bracing to help reduce swelling or pain and allow an injury to rest and heal. With the loads of braces out there, it is often hard to know if you can get by with an off-the-shelf brace or if you need custom splinting. Therapists at Armworks Hand Therapy can help you get the best fitting brace for your injury.

There are essentially two types of splints: Pre-fabricated and Custom. A pre-fabricated splint is one made to be used for general injuries/ problems and usually come in a small, medium, or large size. A pre-fabricated splint can be very helpful but is not always the right size or does not come in the proper position for certain problems. Often, a custom splint is helpful. A custom splint is made to fit just you. It is made from a low temperature plastic and formed right in the clinic.

If you have questions about splinting for the elbow, wrist, or hand, contact us at Armworks Hand Therapy for an evaluation.

What Our Clackamas Patients Are Saying …about Clackamas Sportscare Physical Therapy and Clackamas Armworks Services from our online reviews

I recently saw Laura Kolakowski for some help with a mysterious lingering ache from no specific injury. I was very impressed with Laura’s ability to analyze the problem, recommend a physical therapy approach, and work with me until I felt better.


Best Physical Therapy clinic to date. Beautiful facility, professional atmosphere and one-on-one care. The Physical Therapists made me feel comfortable and confident I would overcome my injury. Laura listened to my goals and helped me return….


Ethan and his whole team are highly skilled and personable. They care about you and get you to where you want to be. You can tell that all of the staff love what they do here – everybody always seems to be having a good time. Highly recommend!


I’ve been here for two separate issues to see Ethan, and I’ve brought my daughter to see him as well. The whole staff is kind and compassionate and easy to work with. It is easy to get appointments that work for you, even with relatively short notice.


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