Setting the Foundation

Armworks Hand Therapy was founded by certified hand therapist Ryan Glover in March of 2006. The initial focus was serving east Multnomah County. Ryan partnered with the well-established SportsCare physical therapy group, opening his first 2 clinics inside Gresham and the Northeast Portland clinic in the Gateway-Parkrose area. Armworks continued to grow and by 2008 opened its third location this time in Clackamas. Armworks most recent expansion was into the Beaverton area in 2012. Armworks is pleased to offer convenient locations across the Portland metro area, proudly serving these communities.

Armworks Hand Therapy also prides itself on delivering the highest quality care for elbow, wrist and hand injuries by providing evident based treatment methods by certified hand therapists. An Occupational or Physical Therapist can attain the hand therapy certification after being a therapist for 5 years, performing 4,000 hours of hand therapy, and passing a rigorous exam. We believe in hiring certified hand therapists because they have shown a dedication to the profession, advanced knowledge and extensive experience.

Mission Statement:

At Armworks, we partner with our patients to help them thrive: giving them the tools to recover and return to functional activities at work, home and play. We offer a comprehensive treatment program that addresses elbow, wrist and hand diagnoses’ by blending education, manual therapy, modalities and splinting to achieve our excellent outcomes.